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Uncovering the past before it’s too late.

Written by  Andrew Kasper As Don Casada veered off-trail and began bushwhacking his way over fallen logs and through overgrown shrubs along the shore of Lake Fontana, he barely glanced at the trusty GPS unit in his hand. He’d been this way before, many times, and knew just where he was going. Casada finally stopped at a clearing marked by a looming stone chimney, all that is left of a …Read the Rest

4 Billion Year Old Meteorite used as Doorstop

The rock is nothing much to look at: 33 pounds and oval shaped. If you didn’t know its history, you probably wouldn’t be surprised that Donna Lewis’s family used it as a doorstop, later parking it in the front garden. It was even painted green for a time. As it turned out, this was no ordinary rock. On Thursday, Donna and her husband George formally announced that the family rock …Read the Rest

The Tennessee Valley Authority Stops issuing MD Permits!

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has just announced that they are withholding issuing detecting permits until further review. I fear what that means!  Please, everyone send (TVA) them a comment. Even if you never plan to hunt TVA property it could be an awful precedent! Also spread this to any detectorists you know. There is power in numbers, but only if we contact them!   Butch Holcombe, Publisher American Digger …Read the Rest

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